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Fruit & Vegetables

Feed your family by growing your own fruit, vegtables, nuts, herbs & spices. Fresh, seasonal and healthy!

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Garden Beds & Irrigation

Garden maintenance is easy with our raised garden beds or wicking bed solution for your produce.

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Honey and Eggs

Have fresh honey and eggs available. We can install and build chicken coops and bee hives and establish an animal attracting garden

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Edible LandscapeFOODSCAPER

Turn your backyard into a farm

Our mission at Foodscaper is to create productive edible landscapes that not only look brilliant but will provide your family with healthy and delicious harvests all year round.

Grow your own fruit, vegetables, berries, nuts, herbs and spices at home in your very own back yard, front yard or even on your balcony.

We can help with the design, the build, and the planting and then leave you to it, or we can help you maintain your investment and all you will need to do is harvest your crops and enjoy.

Edible Landscape

Our recent edible landscapes Recent Garden Projects

Fruit Wicking Beds
Animal attracting garden pond
Vegetable Bed Maintenance

From our blogFoodscaper News

What is being harvested from backyard farms and edible landscapes and suggestions to extend the life of your seasonal produce.

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Dec 2018

Abundant strawberry crop

It is a great problem to have when you have too many delicious home grown strawberries. Turn them into other products that you can keep using when the growing season for strawberries ends.

Sep 2018

Turmeric Wicking Bed

Harvest over 4kg of turmeric from one wicking bed. Turmeric has lots of beneficial health properties and spices up and brightens your meals. What you don't eat fresh you can grind into a powder.

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Feed your family with healthy and delicious harvests year round from your backyard or balcony. Contact Foodscaper to design, build, and plant your edible garden