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Grow a backyard orchard

Why limit yourself to just growing veggies? Fruit and nut trees are ornamental as well as productive. Fruit trees provide spring flowers, summer fruit and autumn leaf colour if they are deciduous trees.

Grow fruit anywhere - a deck, patio or balcony

There is a wide variety of dwarf fruit trees that can be grown in pots. Dwarf fruit trees are perfect for limited spaces and stay small. Have more trees in your backyard by growing dwarf fruit trees in pots.

The Central Coast area in NSW is a prefect climate for growing lemons, mandarins, figs, avocado, blueberries, oranges, almonds, macadamias and much more.

Why not grow your fruit tree in a wicking bed? Wicking beds keep your fruit trees and nut trees hydrated all year round.

Top tips for healthy fruit trees & nut trees

  • Sun and lots of it is essential for strong healthy fruit trees and quality produce or a decent yield
  • A good layer of mulch around the root zone will help keeping weeds and grasses from sucking up water and food destined for your tree
  • Fruit trees love water which is why most thrive in wicking beds as they have a constant supply of moisture from the wicking bed reservoir. If planted in the ground a good deep watering once or twice a week will assist them to establish quickly. Once established most fruit trees won’t need any further watering except in extreme conditions
  • Fruit trees respond well to pruning and many can be shaped and trained to suit the site and conditions. Always use sharp clean tools when pruning and removing fruit to prevent pest and diseases
  • Before you purchase a fruit tree make sure you do your homework and choose a variety that will thrive in your area and your soil type. In some cases you may need to get two trees of the same or similar variety to ensure adequate pollination occurs. If your soil isn’t suitable try growing dwarf fruit trees in pots or wicking beds.
  • Keep an eye on your trees and remove non desirable critters by hand. Avoid using any pesticides on your trees unless it’s absolutely necessary because they will also wipe out beneficial insects like bees, lady beetles and praying mantis

Get started with your own backyard fruit forest

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