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Bee Keeping

Both Native Bees and Honey Bees are wonderful insects that will improve your fruit and vegetable yields. Not only do bees pollinate your garden, you can harvest some delicious honey and honeycomb. I myself keep Honey Bees and can give you sound advice to get you started. In some situations, I may be able to establish one of my hives on your land and manage the hive and share the honey.

Apiary Foodscaper Services

Build Bee Hives

Build Bee Hives

Get expert advice on installing and maintaining a bee hive and the variety of hives available.

Bee Hive Inspection

Bee Hive Inspections

Have no time to tend to your bee hives? We can inspect your hives to make sure they are healthy and determine if they are ready for harvesting.

harvesting honey

Harvesting Honey

Hire our services and use a honey extractor to spin honey frames and extract delicious honey from your bee hive.

keeping bees workshops

Training & Workshops

Want to become an apiarist? We can tell you the advantages and disadvantages of various bee hives and teach you how to get started.

Bee Swarm Removal

Bee swarms are a natural process that happens every spring in NSW. The queen bee along with part of the colony leaves the overcrowded hive and clusters on a nearby object or tree. The swarm remains here for a few days while scout bees or worker bees look for a new home.

If you notice a bee hive swarm, call immediately as it may not last for long before they move on and hopefully it is not into your roof or walls!

Bee swarm removal from a pool fence in Bateau Bay

bee swarm removal central coast  bee hive removal central coast

Need advice or help with your bee hive or bee swarm?