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Seeding Plants Pollinators

Benefits of plants going to seed

Allowing vegetables to seed will attract beneficial insects to your garden. The carrot's pictured above, have gone to seed and attract European honey bees and native bees. Seeding plants provide nectar, pollen and habitat for a wide variety of beneficial insects.

seeding plants next years crop

Whilst I have plenty of European bees helping out in my garden these native bees are always a welcome sight. Tetragonula carbonaria are extremely abundant here and do a great job especially on my avocados and finger limes. In the picture above they are filling up on an onion flower.

Collect and save seeds for next year

Another benefit of letting your plants go to seed is that you can collect and save seeds for next year. The seeds are going to thrive in your own garden as they are used to the particular conditions of your region. If you haven’t let your plants go to seed and saved the seeds before, you will be surprised at how many seeds you can collect from each plant. The key is to allow the seed pods to dry out as much as possible before picking them. Then, let the seeds dry out a little more before putting them into an envelope to preserve for the next year’s planting.

collect seeds from flowering vegetables

Self Sown Plants

If you allow plants to go to seed in the garden, some of those seeds will plant themselves without any help from you. Self-sown plants are often stronger, more vigorous plants as they have determined the best site for germination and growth.

Excess seeds can also be gifted, swapped or even turned into delicious sprouts or micro greens

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