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Foodscaper Questions

Seasonal produce that is suited to your site is the short answer. We can assist in helping you select plants that will thrive at your place and will provide you with delicious crops to enjoy throughout the year.

This is easily achieved by establishing plants that birds and bees love to feast on and by providing plants that small insect eating birds can shelter and even nest in.

This will depend on how many eggs you use each week and the available space you have to house the chickens. Most importantly, you will also need to check your local councils’ website for rules regarding keeping chickens at your place.

What a great problem to have! We share our excess produce with family, friends and neighbours. We can also pickle, dehydrate and sometimes freeze our excess produce so we can enjoy it throughout the year.

Kale is easy to grow at home and is claimed by many to be a super food. We can set up a system for you so you can have kale available almost all year round. There are many varieties available and look great in the garden too.

Yes, you can! Why not grow a blueberry hedge with a strawberry skirting? There are some wonderful varieties of blueberries and strawberries available that will give you fruit for many months.

We grow a year’s supply of garlic in our backyard every year. If garlic is planted at the right time of year and the right conditions, it’s a very easy and rewarding crop to grow at home. Let us help you to become self-sufficient backyard garlic farmers.

A wicking bed is a raised garden bed that waters your plants from the bottom up. Water is stored at the bottom of the bed in a reservoir that is filled via a tube that sits above the garden bed surface. The plants then access this water without the need to water the surface.

Excess water will come out of the over flow tube. This also prevents the garden bed flooding during long periods of rain.