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raised garden beds

Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are a great way to grow your own fresh produce at home, whilst also helping save your back and knees in the process.

macadamia nut tree

Fruit & Nut Trees

Grow your favourite fruit and nuts at home. We believe every home garden should at least have a lemon tree, but why stop there!

Wicking Beds Vegetables

Wicking Beds

Wicking beds are a great way to grow fresh produce at home and are time and water saving as well. Perfect for courtyards and balconies.

Build garden to attract frogs

Animal Attracting Garden

Want to attract wildlife in your backyard and get some free pest control at the same time ? We can create natural habitats to attract birds, frogs, lizards and beneficial insects.

Build Chicken Coops

Building Chicken Coops

There are few things better than collecting your own eggs and then having a delicious breakfast over looking your backyard patch. We can create a chicken paradise for you and your hens.

Build backyard Bee Hives

Build Bee Hives

Both Native Bees and Honey Bees are wonderful insects that will improve your fruit and vegetable yields, and provide you with honey. Talk to us about keeping your very own hive in your place.

Vegetable Bed Irrigation


Too busy to water your garden? Keep your garden in optimal condition and prepared for hot summers with a variety of irrigation systems supplied and installed so you can watch your garden grow.

Soil Testing

Soil Testing

Soil is the key to gardening success. Without the right soil conditions, you will always struggle to achieve the best results. We can test your soils and improve them to give your garden the best possible chance to flourish.

vegetable garden maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Don't have time to maintain your garden? We can provide a wide variety of garden maintenance services to ensure that your yard can be the very best it can be and all you have to do is relax and enjoy your piece of paradise.