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Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Every home, big or small, needs ongoing maintenance. Trees need to be pruned, weeds need taming, pathways need cleaning, the list goes on. We can makeover just about any yard to make it look as good as it can be and make it somewhere you can feel proud and relaxed. I have a large network of related trades that can assist with plumbing needs, electrical challenges and most other associated maintenance challenges.

Lawn Care

Many people have a lawn but don’t have the time, knowledge or equipment to maintain a lawn to its true potential. Whilst we can’t eat our lawns, they are a great place to relax in and take in your beautiful foodscaped created paradise.


Mulching is an essential piece for gardening success. Mulching retains moisture, feeds your soil, reduces weeds and looks wonderful. Without the right type of mulch and the correct depth of mulch, your garden will struggle to perform.

vegetable bed maintenance
Before Garden Maintenance
Vegetable Garden Maintenance
After Garden Maintenance
Farm Sitter - Holiday Watering and Garden Maintenance

Going away and want some one to nurture your crops and animals?

You don’t want to come back from a great trip only to find your garden dry from lack of watering or perished from lack of maintenance. Foodscaper can look after your crops whilst you are away so your garden is not neglected. Look forward to harvesting immediately and enjoy new seasonal produce we planted in your absence.

Garden Makeovers

Has your garden and plants got out of control?

Don't have time to weed, prune, plant and mulch?

Garden makeovers will rejuvenate your garden and give your garden a fresh new look. All our garden makeovers come with soil analysis and improvement so your plants will thrive. Your garden will once again be an enjoyable part of your living space.

Garden Makeover Berkeley Vale

Before Garden Makeover

Garden Maintenance Berkeley Value

After Garden Makeover

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