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Grow one year's garlic in a wicking bed

Garlic 2019 harvested and ready for further processing and of course, the best bit, cooking and eating. This garlic was grown in an IBC wicking bed and should last our family a whole year.

In the NSW Central Coast area plant garlic in June. Purchase garlic for planting from an organic supplier or market gardener. Soil health is critical to vegetable garden growing. Garlic likes well-drained soil with lots of organic matter but not too much nitrogen. If your soil is acidic then add some lime and make sure your garlic patch is in full sun. Plant your cloves about 5cm deep and space the cloves 10cm apart in both directions and top with a good layer of mulch.

tips for garden soil

When to harvest garlic

Garlic takes about 6 months to grow in the NSW Central Coast area and can be grown in a relatively small area and is mostly free from pests and disease. When garlic is ready to harvest the plants die back and the foliage begins to turn yellow and stems begin to lie down. 

harvest organic garlic

Cure and store garlic

After gently lifting the entire plant from the soil leave it in a warm, well ventilated spot to dry while the bulbs mature. Once the bulbs are dry, rub off any excess soil from the bulb and remove any dried leaves, I also trim the roots back carefully. Well dried bulbs can last up to 12 months.

home grown garlic

Plaiting the dried foliage of home grown garlic is a practical and decorative method of storing it. You can also use a food dehydrator to dry slices of garlic bulbs and grind into garlic powder.

grow a years woth of garlic

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