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Grow sweet potato at home

Sweet potatoes are another easy vegetable to grow at home. Australia is home to a wide range of types of sweet potato with various colours;

  • - Gold skin with orange flesh
  • - Red skin with white flesh
  • - White skin with white flesh
  • - White skin with purple flesh

sprouting sweet potato

How to grow sweet potato

Purchase a sweet potato variety you would like to grow and let it sprout and grow roots and leaves. You can place a sprouting tubar directly into the ground. Otherwise you can also plant root sprouts, called slips, available from nurseries.

sweet potato vine

Sweet potato vines love the sun. They love to meander and fill the bed. In warm areas, they will dominate other plants, so it is better to contain the vine in its own bed or tub. Choose a well-drained position. You can harvest sweet potato leaves and young shoots at any time, it does not affect the plant or tubers.

home grown garlic

Harvesting your crop

You’ll know when your sweet potatoes are ready to harvest when the leaves start to turn yellow. Pull off the covering vine, saving it to be dug back into the bed as a green manure. Start at the edges of the bed and loosen soil. Sweet potatoes can be easily damaged and can’t be seen until you dig down a little. Using hands or a small pick, work your way into the bed, loosening the soil and freeing the vegetables

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