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How to preserve and cure olives

The olive is a beautiful, long living tree with silvery grey-green foliage. We grow Manzanillo olive trees which have the ability to withstand the battering of storms, salt water, heat and cold.

It is not uncommon for olive trees to not fruit every year and our tree has missed a year at times.

preserving curing olives

Simple Olive Curing Steps

Olives picked straight from the tree are very bitter and need soaking and rinsing in a brine solution to be edible. When the fruit begins to ripen and change colour you can start picking and you can cure either green or black olives.

Pitted olives can speed up this process which is what we did as the brine gets to more surface area. You can also fit more pitted olives in a jar so less jars to find and clean and they are easier to eat without biting around the pit or stone.

The brine solution the olives are soaking in needs to be replaced every few days and you will see the olive pale in colour throughout this process.

home grown cured olives

Bottling Olives

By doing a taste test you can tell if the olives are ready when the bitterness is gone. Rinse your olives to remove any excess salt. You can seal olives with other flavours such as mixed herbs, chilli or garlic and fill the jars with a weak brine and top of with virgin olive oil.

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