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lemon tree pruned

Pruning Citrus Trees

Does your citrus tree look tatty with a lot of dead wood? Is your fruit smaller and slowing down in production? Pruning your citrus tree will reinvigorate its growth, manageability, appearance and fruit yield over time.

pruning lime trees

Lemon Tree Pruned 2019

lemon tree fruit

Next Season Abundance

This photo above was taken next season in 2020 and the lemon tree is abundant with large, healthy, juicy lemons.

lemon tree overgrown

Before Pruning Citrus Trees

Overgrown citrus trees in need of pruning

lemon tree fruit

After Pruning Citrus Trees

It can look like a drastic makeover but the harder you cut back the better they come back.

Boost your fruit yield by pruning your lemon, lime, or other fruit trees today.