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What to do with green bananas

I have been growing bananas in my Central Coast backyard for 5 years. Some times the hands of bananas break off the tree or you have too much fruit ripening at once. Why not use some green bananas to make chips and flour?

fried green bananas

Crispy Fried Green Banana Chips

They taste as good as any fast food fries and are healthier. Peel and slice the banana into long thin strips and fry in shallow oil or a deep fryer. Season with salt and serve.

air fry green bananas

Banana Flour

Banana Flour is an excellent source of fibre, vegan friendly and gluten free & a great source of potassium.

Slice green bananas length ways into thin strips and place in the dehydrator and use the food processor to turn dried green bananas into flour. Substitute banana flour for normal flour in your cooking.

banana flour home made